Online Brow Lamination Course – Includes Kit (KCBT)




Brows are really on trend at present and hence the introduction of brow lamination/perming. Develop the techniques to create that bushy brow look through our detailed online brow lamination course. By perming the hairs you can achieve symmetry in the brows when hairs grow in different directions. Ideal for clients with sparse areas of brow hair growth. Learn the theory behind its application and how it works to give clients that added volume and thickness. It gives a long lasting effect. This is an inexpensive online course thast has the potential to add hugely to your earning power. Brow Lamination Kit included

  • Practical and theoretical application of Brow lamination
  • Contra indications
  • Hygiene
  • Patch testing

Brow Lamination Kit Included

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