Lash Lift Course(KCBT)

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Lashes are really on trend at present and hence the return of lash lift. The alternative to lash extensions, working with those lashes you’ve got. Develop the techniques to create that extra curl and lift to a client’s natural lashes. Learn the theory behind its application and how it works to give clients that added volume, thickness and getting those eyes open that extra bit. It gives a long lasting effect. This is an inexpensive treatment and has potential to add hugely to your earning power. Excellent add on for beauty therapists with the current trends in eye lashes.
-Practical and theoretical application of lash lift
-Contra indications

Continue through the theory lessons and on completion carry out the theoretical assessment. Keep Before and after pictures of full sets of Lashes you complete which you will be later asked to upload for your practical assessment.  On upload of your Lash Lift Practical assessment your tutor will grade this and give you access to download your certificate.

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